Our experience in the US allows us to deal with the neurosurgical conditions that afflict young patients at the beginning of their lives, and responsibly guide parents to the indicated treatments.

We treat diseases such as hydrocephalus (brain ventricle dilation due to various aetiologies), benign and non-benign brain and spinal tumors, Chiari syndrome (a multifactorial condition that, if left untreated, affects motor development), syringomyelia (pathological cavity inside the spinal cord), myelomeningocele (a spine formation disorder causing spinal cord and nerve roots dysfunction), and scoliosis.

Special mention is warranted for our ability to treat craniosynostosis (the premature closure of those points where the individual bones of the skull are naturally joined, leading to a subsequent skull development disorder), as well as congenital cranial and facial anomalies (dysmorphias) thanks to the collaboration of our entire team, which also includes a plastic craniomaxillofacial surgeon. For more details, see the "Craniomaxillofacial Surgery - Congenital cranial and facial anomalies" section.

In the large majority cases early diagnosis and successful intervention allow children to lead a normal life.